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Peter Nicholls

Peter Nicholls (1939-2018) was an important Australian science fiction critic and commentator from the early 1970s to beyond the end of the twentieth century, publishing reviews and essays in Foundation: The Review of Science Fiction (which he edited 1974-1978), The New York Review of Science Fiction, Vector and many other magazines, newspapers, anthologies, sf convention publications and reference works. He was the first administrator of the Science Fiction Foundation (1971-1977) and is best known as founding editor of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1979; 1993; 2011-current online); all three editions of this major genre reference won Hugo awards. He received the 1980 Pilgrim Award for services to sf scholarship. Other books include Fantastic Cinema: An Illustrated Survey (1984).

Ansible Editions proudly presents the first edition of the critical collection he had long planned (initially as Infinity, Eternity and the Pulp Magazines in the 1970s) and returned to circa 2010-2012 but owing to failing health was unable to complete: