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The Murders at Hanging Rock

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Yvonne Rousseau

The above photograph of Yvonne Rousseau with her daughter Vida appeared on the back flap of the 1980 first edition of The Murders at Hanging Rock; the two biographical notes below are respectively from that book and from the second edition published in 1988.

"Yvonne Rousseau was born at Benalla, on 1 August 1945, but was moved six weeks later to a dairy-farm in South Gippsland. She attended Hallston State and Leongatha High schools, and graduated from Melbourne University, in 1967, as a B.A. (Hons.) in English and Philosophy. She has since worked in a miscellany of jobs, ranging from pineapple-trimmer to book-editor. The lovers of tradition, for whose pleasure these facts are recorded, will also be relieved to learn that this, Ms. Rousseau's first book, was written amid increasingly abject poverty (although not quite in a garret, and not with the assistance of absinthe). The author's next work is expected to be satirical ..."

"Yvonne Rousseau is a short-story writer, editor and critic, born in Benalla, Victoria in 1945. Her past and present occupations include pineapple-trimmer, tea-lady, artist's model, mother, stocktaker and honours graduate in English and Philosophy. In The Secret of Hanging Rock, she contributed the commentary on the recently released controversial last chapter of Picnic at Hanging Rock. Her next work is expected to be satirical ..."

Alas, Yvonne – a valued correspondent and a good friend – died in February 2021. She is much missed.

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