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Ansible Editions is a determinedly small-scale operation. We began with the aim of offering e-book versions of fine science fiction stories too offbeat or unfashionable to appear in mass-market printed editions. But like so many others, we (then David Langford and Christopher Priest) discovered that we and our customers still prefer books to e-books. The perfect compromise seemed to be our arrangement with Cosmos Books, an imprint of Wildside Press . We prepared, edited, and digitally typeset our selections; Cosmos issued them in print-on-demand format with jacket designs approved by all parties.

Later on, in 2012, when Ansible Editions was revived to publish a collected edition of Algis Budrys's acclaimed but never collected "Books" columns from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, David Langford had picked up some experience in self-publishing POD books through (more a printer and distributor than a traditional publisher). The rest is history.

Just when we'll feel the urge to add further titles to our list is at present unknown even to ourselves.