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Fandom Harvest II
Terry Carr

ISBN 978-1-916508-19-4 (trade paperback)
ISBN 978-1-913451-29-5 (ebook)

Front cover

Ansible Editions, February 2024

Cover artwork: Steve Stiles, 1988, for the reissued The Incomplete Terry Carr.

This substantial trade paperback of Fandom Harvest II is published in February 2024, based on the June 2019 ebook with two added articles and several corrections. 9" x 6" with glossy cover; 228 pages; over 120,000 words. All proceeds from book sales go to the TransAtlantic Fan Fund.

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Complementing the 1986 Fandom Harvest and even longer, this further selection of Terry Carr’s fine fanwriting was assembled by David Langford with much help from others. With special thanks to Carol Carr for her permission and encouragement to produce this new collection. (For the many further credits, see within.)

From the Introduction

Terry Carr, besides all his well-known achievements as an anthologist and publisher’s editor (for which he won Hugo awards), was a fine fanwriter and fanzine editor (in both of which capacities he also won Hugo awards).

[After listing past collections of Terry Carr’s fanwriting:]

Of the above, Fandom Harvest was the first choice for a TAFF ebook since it’s not only the largest by far of these collections but was published as a printed hardback that was relatively easy to convert to digital text. The next logical step seemed initially to be an ebook of The Incompleat Terry Carr, but unfortunately there’s considerable overlap between this collection and Fandom Harvest. After removing duplications (“Trufan’s Blood”, the “Fandom Harvest” column selections, “The Fastest Ham in the West” and “Confessions of a Literary Midwife”), what remained of The Incompleat Terry Carr was an unsatisfactorily slim volume. This has been augmented with the fannish items reprinted in Between Two Worlds, the four best pieces from The Portable Carl Brandon, and many more notable articles, columns, editorials and stories not previously included in any Terry Carr collection. Ranging from 1955 to 1987, it’s a great read throughout.