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Bixelstrasse edited by Rob Hansen
1940s LA Fandom Map and Key

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LA 1940s Map

Key (a more detailed version appears on page 434 of the book)

A. 2200 West 7th Street: Park View Manor, Worldcon and Westercon venue.
B. 1305 West Ingraham Street: home of Walter Daugherty; a later LASFS meeting venue.
C. 1104 South Georgia Street: Francis Towner Laney’s “Fran Shack”.
D. 637½ South Bixel Street: second LASFS Clubroom.
E. 1055 Wilshire Boulevard: first LASFS Clubroom.
F. 648 South Broadway: Clifton’s Cafeteria, another LASFL/LASFS meeting venue.
G. 643 South Bixel Street: “Tendril Towers”.
H. 628 South Bixel Street: Morojo’s apartment.
I. 5th and Beaudry: park where miniature golf was played.
J. 6th and Bixel: location of Sharkey’s bar, a LASFS drinking venue.

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