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Beyond the Outposts: Essays on SF and Fantasy 1955-1996
by Algis Budrys
• 378 pages; 211,000 words; 97 footnotes

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Introduction: David Langford

Introduction to Outposts: Algis Budrys
Or Thwim
Two Novels of Science
About Something Truly Wonderful
On Rogue Moon
On Budrys’ Inferno
“Most Scrutinized SF Writer”
Comment on “Contact Between Equals”
Foreword to “Twilight” (John W. Campbell)
Foundation and Asimov
On Writing: The Locus Columns
On Being a Bit of a Legend
Science Fiction in the Marketplace
Short Takes 1979-1981
Memoir – Galaxy Book Shelf
Memoir – Spilled Milk
Asimov’s Autobiography
Two Sketches: Damon Knight and Robert Silverberg
Paradise Charted
Stephen King in the 1980s
The Empire Talks Back
Tom Reamy: A Rare & Masterful Fantasist
Scanners Writhe in Pain
Obstacles and Ironies in Science-Fiction Criticism
The Ideas of Mary McCarthy
What Did 1980 Mean?
1981 and Counting
Gene Wolfe
Introducing Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
Non-Literary Influences on Science Fiction
Bridges to Verity
The Revenge of the Empire
Clarifying Clarion
Literatures of Milieux
Reviewing Heinlein
1984, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Other SF Novels, Signs, and Portents
Pop Lit: Reviews
Memoir – “The Man Who Tasted Ashes”
What Was 1985 That We Were Mindful of It?
1986, Reduced from 2000
New World in the Morning
Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
Introducing Theodore R. Cogswell and PITFCS
Beyond Rayguns and Godzilla

Some Notes
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* The starred items from various US and Canadian newspapers are all syndicated articles with original publication credits to the Chicago Sun-Times.

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