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The Caltraps of Time is Masson's only published book of fiction, a collection of short stories, most of which made their first appearance in New Worlds SF during the 1960s under the legendary editorship of Michael Moorcock. Later collected in book form by Faber & Faber, they have become acknowledged classics of the 'new wave' in British science fiction. The book has been out of print for years.

Ansible's new edition was prepared with the active participation of David Masson himself, and is now the definitive text. In addition, three previously uncollected short stories have been included, making this edition of The Caltraps of Time complete for the first time. Not only hugely enjoyable in themselves, the unique stories define in a fascinating way the essence of the 'new wave' revolution.

This edition has since been withdrawn in favour of a Gollancz SF Masterworks reprint using our expanded and approved text, published in December 2012. The Order page has appropriate links to the Gollancz edition at The Book Depository.

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The Caltraps
of Time

David I. Masson

The Caltraps of Time by David I. Masson

Cosmos Books / Ansible Editions, 2003

The Caltraps of Time by David I. Masson

Ansible Editions ebook, 2003
[no longer available]