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David I. Masson

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The Caltraps of Time, first edition. London: Faber and Faber, 1968.

Seven stories formerly published in New Worlds SF, then edited by Michael Moorcock:

  • Traveller’s Rest, New Worlds 154, September 1965.
  • Mouth of Hell, New Worlds 158, January 1966.
  • A Two-Timer, New Worlds 159, February 1966.
  • Psychosmosis, New Worlds 160, March 1966.
  • The Transfinite Choice, New Worlds 165, August 1966.
  • Lost Ground, New Worlds 169, December 1966.
  • Not So Certain, New Worlds 173, July 1967.

The Caltraps of Time, second, expanded edition. Reading, Berkshire: Ansible E-ditions, 2003.

Contents as before (rearranged and revised by the author), plus three previously uncollected stories from original anthologies:

  • The Show Must Go On, The Disappearing Future ed. George Hay. London: Panther, 1970.
  • Take It or Leave It, The Year 2000, ed. Harry Harrison. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1970
  • Doctor Fausta, Stopwatch ed. George Hay. London: New English Library, 1974.

Author biography About the author  Links Links