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A Comedy of Manners

David Langford and John Grant

ISBN 978-1-913451-73-8 (ebook)


Ansible Editions, 2020

GUTS, first published in ebook form in December 2020, originally appeared in hardback and paperback editions from the Cosmos Books imprint of Wildside Press in 2001. It was written as a successor to the same authors’ raucous parody of disaster novels, Earthdoom! (1987). With even more relentless lack of taste, GUTS spoofs the horror genre. Total length of ebook: approximately 70,000 words. £5.00.

“The first horror novel I don’t even dare to read!”
Ramsey Campbell

“I have seen the bowels of horror fiction, and their names are David Langford and John Grant!”
Graham Masterton

“Makes Night of the Crabs look like Beatrix Potter!”
Guy N. Smith

“Partly rugose and partly squamous!”
H.P. Lovecraft

Sadly, Paul Barnett (who wrote as John Grant) died in February 2020 while the authors were still discussing details of this ebook edition. They had worked together on many projects since the 1970s, including the Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) and the online Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current).

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