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David Langford

David Langford has won ever so many Hugo awards and has a whole site of his own at, with plenty of material that can be read for no charge. He will restrain himself from further self-promotion here. So far there are just six printed Langford books from Ansible Editions:

The ongoing project to reissue the Langford backlist in ebook form through Ansible Editions has resulted in the following:

To compensate for the slight but embarrassing overlap between The Silence of the Langford (which includes three stories), He Do the Time Police in Different Voices (which includes one of the three) and Different Kinds of Darkness (which includes the other two), all three of these collections have been expanded with additional material. The Limbo Files, Starcombing and Up Through an Empty House of Stars also contain several extra items not included in the print edition.

Langford at SF Gateway

The rights to all these titles reverted to me in April 2023. Although the SF Gateway pages are still in place as of September 2023, the purchase links no longer work. I am considering reissuing the Discworld quizbooks in ebook form, but the Harry Potter critique is long past its sell-by date and should, I think, be allowed to die of embarrassment.

Langford Freebies

Wait, there's more! The following ebooks are available as free downloads from the TransAtlantic Fan Fund website, with no strings attached except a gentle hope that readers who enjoy them or find them useful will show their appreciation with a donation to TAFF.