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The Limbo Files: Writing, Freelancing and the Amstrad PCW

David Langford

ISBN 978-1-913451-12-7 (ebook)

The Limbo Files

Ansible Editions, 2016

The Limbo Files, published as a Wildside Press trade paperback in 2009 and in ebook form in 2016, collects the nearly 100 columns written by David Langford for magazines devoted to the once highly popular Amstrad PCW word processor, from its heyday in the mid-1980s through its 1990s decline and beyond. It has to be admitted that Langford does once in a while reluctantly stoop to providing technical advice on how to use the wretched machine, but for the most part the columns digress madly in all directions to cover the innumerable splendours and miseries of freelance writing.

Four bonus columns of varying frivolity from non-Amstrad PCW magazines have been added for the ebook edition. Total length of ebook: approximately 101,000 words.

Click the top button below for a fuller description at the Langford site. The next button down takes you to the one and only known review of this collection.

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