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Puff Love
by John Sladek

ISBN 978-1-71683-270-3 (trade paperback)
ISBN 978-1-913451-71-4 (ebook)


Detail from plan of the crime scene by John Sladek

Puff Love by John Sladek was released by Ansible Editions in August 2020. 58,000 words. Trade paperback 9" x 6", 150pp. £12 or $15 plus local postage from click button below. Ebook in the usual formats at £4.50: again, click button below.

Puff Love is John Sladek’s final novel, completed just before his early death in 2000. A mystery story with the traditional elements of a discovered corpse, a crowd of suspects and a reluctant sleuth with an unusual sidekick, Puff Love has all the qualities associated with John Sladek’s best work: a gentle parodic wit, inventive ideas and a wholly original way of looking at modern life.

Born in Iowa in 1937, Sladek lived and worked in Britain for many years, and became a key member of the New Wave movement. He wrote many science fiction and mystery novels, as well as scores of short stories (many of which are included in the Ansible Editions collections Maps and New Maps). He also produced some deeply amusing works of sceptical non-fiction, debunking cults, astrology and anti-Stratfordians. Sladek returned to the USA in 1986 and, sad to say, died there in 2000.

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