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The Silence of the Langford

David Langford

ISBN 978-1-913451-14-1 (ebook)

The Silence of the Langford

Ansible Editions, 2015

Cover photograph copyright © 1996 by John D. Rickett. Cover design by Anthony R. Lewis, “remastered” for this edition.

The Silence of the Langford, first published in ebook form in April 2015, is a collection of David Langford’s critical and comic nonfiction (mostly written for fanzines) plus three stories. Originally published in 1996, it was a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Nonfiction in 1997. There is an appreciative introduction by Teresa Nielsen Hayden. This digital edition adds five more funny articles which for space reasons were not included in the printed book. Total length of ebook: approximately 126,000 words.

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The extra items not included in the 1996 or 1997 books (click the “About the printed edition” button above for book contents) are:

  • The Book of War: Chapter 2080 (Twll-Ddu 19 edited by Dave Langford, April 1981)
  • The Inverted Baked Alaska, and After (Mad Scientists’ Digest #9 edited by Brian Earl Brown, November 1984)
  • A Load of Crystal Balls (speech at Novacon 15; Prevert #15 edited by John Jarrold, May 1986; slightly revised for Platen Stories, August 1987)
  • One Hundred Years Ago (Channelcon Programme Book edited by Coral and Rob Jackson, Easter 1982; Locus, July 1982)
  • The Yellow Peril (clerihews; mostly from “The Woodwind Lyre” in TAFF-Ddu alias Twll-Ddu 17 edited by Dave Langford, March 1980; one from Platen Stories, August 1987)