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The Space Eater

David Langford

ISBN 978-1-913451-16-5 (ebook)

The Space Eater ... by David Langford

Ansible Editions, September 2016

Cover artwork: David A. Hardy at

The Space Eater, at last reissued as an Ansible Editions ebook in September 2016, is David Langford’s first full-length science fiction novel. Originally published in 1982, it begins as a rip-roaring space opera described by the Timescape Books blurb-writer as “The cosmic adventure of the ultimate soldier on a desperate mission beyond death!” ... but somehow a vein of satire on military sf and bureaucracy inserted itself amid the sterner stuff of matter transmitters and ultimate doomsday weapons trumped by more ultimate ones.

The ebook contains the full preferred text of the 2004 edition (which itself differs only imperceptibly from the original) plus a brief updated afterword. Total length of ebook: approximately 90,000 words.

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