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David Langford

ISBN 978-1-913451-17-2 (ebook)


Ansible Editions, 2016

Cover photo: NASA and ESA, Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC 1073.

With an introduction by Adam Roberts.

Starcombing is both a second collection of David Langford’s long-running and highly popular column for SFX magazine – following on from The SEX Column and Other Misprints (2005) – and a further assembly of more substantial essays and reviews following on from Up Through an Empty House of Stars (2003). It was published as a hardback and trade paperback in 2009 and makes its first appearance in ebook form in April 2016. A couple of extra items have been added, and there’s also a full listing of the SFX columns from the first in SFX #1 (dated June 1995) to the last in SFX #274 (dated July 2016). Total length of ebook: a little over 112,000 words.

Starcombing was a selection of the Locus Recommended Reading List for nonfiction published in 2009.

For the other SFX column collections The SEX Column and All Good Things: The Last SFX Visions, see links at left.

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