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John Sladek

The last book by one of the most original, brilliant and under-rated American writers of the 20th century. Like many of Sladek's earlier books, Wholly Smokes is almost impossible to categorize, other than to say it is the fictionalized history of a tobacco company, one which seems to have been present at, or had bizarre influence on, many of the great moments of history. We can safely claim that you will never have read anything like it before.

David Langford of Ansible Editions was the editor of Maps, a collection of Sladek's previously uncollected short stories published by Big Engine in 2002 to wide critical acclaim, and reissued by Cosmos Books in 2003. Ansible's edition of Wholly Smokes has been fully authorized by John Sladek's estate, in the person of his widow Sandy, who has helped ensure that the text is complete and accurate, and presented in the form Sladek intended. This includes his own indescribable illustrations, most of them cheekily adapted from clip-art originals.

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Wholly Smokes by John Sladek

Cosmos Books / Ansible Editions, 2003

Wholly Smokes by John Sladek

Ansible Editions ebook, 2003
[no longer available]