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November 2010

The website has long been in need of a major overhaul and has received a slight one, although at present we have no plans to publish further Ansible E-ditions titles. If we had some laurels handy, we'd be resting on them.

March 2007

We are sad that AE author David I. Masson died in February. Added to this site in memoriam: his essay "Some Thoughts on Language in Science Fiction" (1970), giving personal insight into several of his own stories.

Autumn 2006

All John Sladek's collections are now available from Cosmos/Wildside. In chronological order: The Steam-Driven Boy, Keep the Giraffe Burning, Alien Accounts and The Lunatics of Terra are co-published by Cosmos and Ansible E-ditions, as is the short book Wholly Smokes. In addition, Cosmos/Wildside is also the current publisher of the posthumous collection Maps: The Uncollected John Sladek, edited and typeset by David Langford.

July 2005

The Cosmos Books/Ansible E-ditions co-publishing scheme continues. John Sladek's collection Keep the Giraffe Burning became available in late 2004. Then came long delays while Cosmos moved to new American premises, with attendant disasters and the loss of their (our) regular jacket designer. Now we have caught up: the remaining Sladek collections Alien Accounts, The Lunatics of Terra and The Steam-Driven Boy have all been (re)delivered to Cosmos for imminent publication....

July 2004

After extremely unsophisticated comparisons of Ansible E-ditions sales in the e-book and POD formats (the latter as part of our co-publishing arrangement with Cosmos), we are shifting our emphasis to printed books. Feedback is very welcome.

For some time we had been preparing new editions of all four story collections published by John Sladek in his lifetime: The Steam-Driven Boy with its famous sf parodies, Keep the Giraffe Burning, Alien Accounts, and The Lunatics of Terra, which has never before appeared in paperback. All but the first have now been digitally typeset, allotted ISBNs, and delivered to Cosmos Books.

Print-on-Demand editions. This is good news for readers who prefer books as physical objects rather than electronic texts. We have arranged a co-publishing deal with Cosmos Books, an imprint of Wildside Press – perhaps America's most prolific publisher of SF and fantasy in print-on-demand format. Ansible E-ditions supplies Cosmos with books in fully typeset electronic form – designed for print. Both our initial e-books, David I. Masson's The Caltraps of Time and John Sladek's Wholly Smokes appeared as Cosmos print editions in 2003.