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He Do the Time Police in Different Voices

David Langford

ISBN 978-1-913451-10-3 (ebook)

He Do the Time Police ... by David Langford

Ansible Editions, 2015

Cover photograph: Tardis built by David Wake, as displayed at Loncon 3, the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention held in London.

He Do the Time Police in Different Voices, at last published in ebook form in February 2015, is a collection of all David Langford’s published parodies and pastiches. The ebook contains the full text of the 2003 edition plus some small extras and one complete new story, “The Pocklington Poltergeist” from Fables from the Fountain (2011) edited by Ian Whates. As in 2003, the full text of the earlier collection The Dragonhiker’s Guide to Battlefield Covenant at Dune’s Edge: Odyssey Two (1988) is included. Total length of ebook: approximately 74,000 words.

The companion collection of David Langford’s “straight” (non-parody) science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories is Different Kinds of Darkness.

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